Cellularsquare (12760) Ebay Seller Tried to take money from Unlocked iphone Purchase and Run!

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I went though an enormous battle with Cellularsquare, beginning in early Feb. when I ordered an unlocked iphone. I tried to resolve the problem according to ebay policy, by trying to work things out with cellularsquare. I wrote cellularsquare and told them that I understood that the iphone is something that I would not be able to update but that about 85% of all free applications will not work with the outdated OS software.

I had told cellularsquare that I considered just leaving neutral feedback, given that I was aware I could not update the software, but this also meant that the iphone was costly for this reason alone. The fact is that this unlocked 3G iphone lost so much power it lost in the course of a day that even after I employed tips to saving power, the unlocked iphone was useless. I told cellularsquare that the battery life on this phone, coupled with the number of times it must be reset makes it unusable for about half of a day, and that I have not violated any terms by updating software, or doing a hard reset on this device, but that the iphone was fraught with these problems since I bought it, and I would respectfully like to ask for my money back.

cellularsquare told me they would issue a refund, and basically I said that if they did that I would leave no feeback (pos. or neg.). I sent the iphone back via confirmed delivery (well worth the small extra cost) through usps, and cellularsquare started to drag their heels on addressing the problem and issuing a refund. Once cellularsquare had the unlocked iphone back and a little more time went by, they were technically under no "legal obligation" to do anything. Their 30 day refund policy had passed, they had the iphone back, and it was too late to file an official dispute through ebay's system, or even leave any feedback.

What did cellularsquare do? They kept the phone, kept my $350+, and began responding to emails as if my issue was a new one, asking me each time to re-explain what the problem was. In the end cellularsquare indicated, by all their actions, that they were gong to rip me off!

EBAY gave me another way to file a complaint against cellularsquare, but through this process, I would most likely never see my money, or even another defective unlocked iphone from cellularsquare.

I continued to complain, to ebay, to Paypal and after finally talking to a supervisor on ebay, ebay said that they would refund my money"”that was in May!

So from early Feb. to May, I was mis-lead, manipulated, lied to, redirected, promised resolution, and eventually had my money stolen from cellularsquare. This site is the only way I could find that would let other people know how this company does business, and also why what looks like a somewhat favorable feedback score on EBAY can exist, and be far from the truth.

I really cannot say if buying an Ulocked iPhone works or not, but because of my experience, it is something I will never try, and it is hard to find anyone saying positive, or negative experience (via internet search) about their experience with an unlocked iPhone, or even cellularsquare. I have to say, that in the end ebay came through, and I don't think they really had to.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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